„Krieg“ is about the life and death of the Agave plant. Its dramatic appearance is very much concentrated on the mechanical aspects of defense and survival. Coming out of the earth it already stabs in every direction. Then it further grows for many years, bringing out even more of its swords for finally reproduce and shortly die thereafter. In its most fundamental aspects the Agave life is similar to ours. Or any form of life. Humans would not hesitate to call the Agave plants existence „programmed“ and „determined“. And so are we.

The archaic creature that we call „Agave“ spends its life being armed like a medieval warrior. Plants cannot choose or change the place of their existence. They have to make the best out of the place they have fallen onto. There they will either defend their lifes or die. They are part of the evolution. Their heavy arming and aggressive gesture is programmed by their genetic code.

This genetic-driven violence, that heatens up the competition among the living beings exists to serve the evolution. Mankind is also part of this mechanism. As far as we know today, it seems that we are nothing more than the hosts of our DNA. It is through us (as the interface between itself and the environment) that our DNA tests its competitiveness, its and our ability to survive as long as possible in different environments that cause different challenges.

The DNA determines not only our body but also our behaviour. This is less about will, it’s more about programming. The system offers no real choice. Because without aggressive behaviour, there would be far less competition, the evolution would rapidly come to its end. This is what lets us identify what our DNA wants us to recognize as our „enemies“. And our „duty“. This is what „Krieg“ is all about.

The narrative of „reasonable“ behaviour is the monologue of mankind. The next global war will challenge our existence. And so will equally the ravage of the planet that until now nurtures us and gives our lungs air to breathe. The freedom of will seems to be the most common of all human illusions. We will never change our behaviour. Because we are not able to do so. Like the Agave plant. Looking like our own behaviour pattern made into Agave flesh.